Weight Loss

Functional Approach to Weight Loss

What makes our weight loss regimen different from other medical weight loss clinics?

Many of us have tried multiple weight loss programs and could not sustain the weight loss, or could never quite get our weight “at goal”. Upon your initial consultation, we begin our investigative work to try and discover the underlying cause that has prevented you from reaching your optimal body composition.

During your initial visit we will review your medical and nutritional history. We will be asking you about your daily habits (sleep and wake times, cooking methods, etc) and identify how you can fit in the necessary routines for our program that are necessary for your success.

For most of us, carrying excess weight causes many symptoms which we will discuss, but is the weight gain simply a symptom of underlying emotional distress? Possibly hormonal or gastrointestinal dysfunction? You will have hormonal and nutritional testing to identify if there is a metabolic cause of your weight gain and we will discuss these results at your follow up visit.

The nutritional needs of everyone are vastly different, as are our schedules. We will design a strategy for meal preparation that is achievable for you to meet your needs. If it is discovered that you are nutritionally deficient, we carry pharmaceutical grade supplements to meet your needs.

We start the program with a physical exam and body composition measurements which we will be repeating throughout the course of your weight loss journey. You will be provided with all of the knowledge and tools for success during your first visit, but you will have the support of the team here in the office to help you along the way.

You will check in with us at the clinic weekly for a fat burning weight-loss injection, a check of your vitals, and body composition measurements. We will re-assess how you are progressing, and modify plans if needed. This usually takes 15-20 minutes.

In the office, we offer the services of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and IV Vitamin therapy as an adjunct to your weight loss program. At Your Private Physician, it is always about customizing your care to meet unique needs!

Program Pricing

  • Initial consultation: $299 (includes 1-hour consultation and nutritional evaluation,
    physical exam, initial supplements, weight loss injection, body composition analysis,
    patient weight loss materials, customized lab order)
  • 1st Follow up visit: Allow for at least 30 minutes to review your progress, analysis of lab
    results, body composition measurements, review of food journal and weight loss
  • Follow up weekly visit cost: $40.00 (includes MIC/Lipo-lean weight loss injection, body composition measurements, Brief follow up/review of food journal)

Pricing schedule above does not include the costs of any laboratory testing, prescription
medications or supplements.