Functional Medcine

The practice of western medicine focuses on a disease oriented model of care. This includes the application of specific, prescribed treatments (such as drugs or surgery) aimed to treat the immediate problem or symptom.

This model of care works very well for trauma and acute conditions, but it does not adequately treat chronic diseases. The end result is often the delivery of healthcare that is fragmented to specific ailments and falling short of addressing the patient as a whole.

Where traditional medicine fails, functional medicine finds solutions in treating chronic conditions – such as allergic, digestive, hormonal, metabolic and neurological problems by addressing environmental factors such as stress, diet, and exposure to toxins

Functional medicine considers how the entire body functions as a single organism. Disruption of any single component always affects something else. These changes cannot happen in isolation. Functional medicine considers the individual genetic makeup along with internal (mind, body, and spirit) & external (physical and social environment) factors that affect total body function.

Functional medicine is comprehensive and integrative. We incorporate traditional western medical practice with alternative or integrative medicine. A primary focus is on prevention through the ‘Healthy Trinity’ (exercise, nutrition, and the 4R’s of healing).

  1. Remove the foods/actions/environmental toxins that are causing your body’s imbalance.
  2. Replace the nutrients needed to restore your health.
  3. Repair the body with a balanced lifestyle and a holistic focus on optimizing your physical abilities.
  4. Re-inoculate your body with the natural substances that we require to improve our immune function and reaction to harmful external elements.

We use the lasted laboratory and diagnostic testing to help identify the underlying disruptions. We incorporate prescription medications, supplements, herbal medicines, therapeutic nutrition, detoxification, stress-management, and sleep optimization.

Your Private Physician practice is for those individuals who want to take a proactive approach in living a longer, healthier life. We work side-by-side with each of our patients to create a health plan that fits their lifestyle, family history, and other environmental factors, while incorporating whatever medicinal therapies are necessary to optimize your health.