Concierge Medicine

At Your Private Physician, we provide primary and preventive care through a yearly membership program. Our members receive a medical care without the hassles of delays that are common in today’s typical busy practices.

We provide our members with unprecedented medical attention and the quality of service that few can receive in today’s healthcare environment. Most physicians are required to treat 25-30 patients a day, limiting their contact time to under 15 minutes. With the concierge service at Your Private Physician, we have no time limit when it comes to our patient’s needs. At the time of the visit, patients have ample amount of time to address all of their concerns, receive an explanation of their condition(s), and create a treatment plan. Appointments are scheduled to accommodate the member’s schedule, with guaranteed same day or next day appointments when necessary.

You want to have access to your physician who spends the time necessary to gather appropriate insight and works with you to develop an effective treatment plan. With concierge medical services provided by Your Private Physician, you will receive not only the time you need but also a personal attention you deserve.

Features & Cost

  1. 24/7 direct access to Dr. Matusewicz via cell phone, email, and texting
  2. Personal Patient – Doctor relationship
  3. Appointments on the same day for urgent visits
  4. Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam, if requested
  5. We offer a GYN care
  6. Coordination of your tests and specialist appointments
  7. Dr. Matusewicz will accompany you for a visit with a specialist, if necessary
  8. Advocate during hospitalization
  9.  Functional Medicine services
  10. We will assist you when you travel

Concierge Medicine Yearly Membership Cost:  $3,000 ($5,500 for a couple).

Please contact us to schedule an informative complimentary consultation at (727) 669 – 1616.