Our private primary care concierge practice provides unmatched benefits: availability, thoroughness, and expert medical knowledge; sadly, this combination is no longer seen in our healthcare system. At our practice, we are able to restore a lost, fundamental part of your health care: your personal patient – doctor relationship.


We believe that access to your doctor is fundamental to your continued good health. As a member, you will have a top quality private physician who will attend to your needs and return phone calls promptly. We offer 24/7 access to your physician via cell phone, email, and text messaging. You won’t have to wait weeks for an appointment, and it can be scheduled the same or next day.


You can be assured that if you need to see a specialist, we will take care of you and make sure that you are getting the best treatment from them. If necessary, we will arrange your appointments with the best-rated specialists in the Tampa Bay area. If your condition requires hospitalization, we will seek out one of the best medical centers in the region.


We know that each individual is unique. In addition to considering the overall health of the patient, we also consider the beliefs, attitudes, motivations, as well as the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the patient. At our practice, you will understand your medical issues and health risks in detail; you will receive an assessment of your risk for major conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


We will empower you to understand your risks and what you need to do to live a longer and healthier life. Our members are more health – care conscious and interested in working interactively on their issues. Optimal health is not just the absence of disease. Even the most minor symptoms can foreshadow more serious conditions later in life. This often happens via a “snowball effect”, in which a minor imbalance within the body produces a cascade of biological triggers that can eventually lead to poor health and chronic illness. For this reason, we focus on prevention, instead of simply treatment of, the most minor of imbalances.


We have more time to do all this in our concierge practice. Most of all, our members will have a warm and caring physician to help them to stay healthy longer and to jointly manage their care. Our patients enjoy peace of mind because all their medical needs are addressed and their questions answered.